Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have heard about Plastic Warrior magazine but I can’t find it in the shops. Can you recommend a retailer in my area who stocks it?
A: It is only available by mail order on subscription. See the website for details.

Q: Can I subscribe to One-Inch Warrior?
A: No, One-Inch Warrior is only published as an occasional special issue.

Q: Can you recommend the best dealers to buy plastic soldiers from?
A: PW doesn’t recommend any specific dealers, but most of the best ones advertise in the magazine. PW only accepts advertising from dealers who are known to be honest.

Q: I have a collection of plastic soldiers. Can you tell me how much they are worth?
A: PW doesn’t do valuations.

Q: So how do I know if I am paying a fair price?
A: PW doesn’t do valuations, but we do provide information. By reading PW you will learn what is rare and what is common; what is normal and what are unusual variations; what is currently available; what figures are being remoulded; what other collectors are searching for; and what is selling at auction.
Get to know as many dealers as possible and compare their prices. Make contact with other PW readers in your area and exchange information. Knowledge is power, and regular readers can acquire the knowledge to help them make your own evaluation of figures’ worth

Q: How do I meet them?
A: Advertise in PW Readers Ads Page, it’s free to subscribers.

Q: I am a 54mm wargamer, where can I meet others who wargame in the same scale?
A: You can advertise in the magazine for other readers in your area who are interested in the same type of things as you are.

Q: I have some figures which are not marked, can you tell me who made them?
A: Send photos of them to the magazine and other readers can usually identify them.

Q: Can you recommend a good book on plastic figures?
A: * Peter Cole’s ‘Suspended Animation’ covers Herald and Britains plastics (available from
* Michael Maughan’s ‘A to Z of Timpo’ cover the Timpo swoppet and overmoulded types (available from