PW covers not only plastic toy soldiers but also civilian figures and animals. Over the years we have included:

Ancients, Medievals, Elizabethans, Wild West, ceremonials, farm, zoo, stable, garden, jungle, safari hunters, garage, race-track, circus, bull-fighters, fox-hunters, railway passengers and crew, police, ambulance, hospital, firemen, AA and RAC men, sailors, fishermen, lifeboatmen, frogmen and divers, road-menders, spacemen, science fiction, fantasy, D&D, aliens, monsters, American settlers and frontiersmen, Highland clansmen, Welsh national dress, Arabs, Zulus and African natives, Conquistadors, Aztecs and Incas, Cossacks, Afghans, Mexicans, Eskimos, Kings and Queens, historical characters, political figures, sportsmen, cyclists, huntsmen, musicians, dancers and entertainers, explorers, advertising figures, superheroes, mythological heroes and villains, characters from films, books, cartoons, comics and nursery rhymes, Toytown guards … and a few no-one can classify

Not only the figures but also animals and accessory pieces to accompany most of these figures.