PW is written by enthusiasts, not professional writers. We encourage all our readers to contribute to the magazine and there are several ways to do so including:

Readers’ Letters Page
We print letters on any subject connected with the plastic figure hobby; response to previous letters or articles; your comments on newly released figures; information on where you can buy plastic figures or museums that display them, or you can recommend your favourite dealer or shop.

You could write on any of the following
Your favourite figures - just a few lines on your own all-time favourite figures
Identifying unknown figures – just send in a photo and other readers will be sure to know what it is
Single articles – on any subject as long as it is related to the plastic toy figure hobby
Feature Articles – larger contributions on specific subjects or themes
Series of articles on a range of figures, or a specific type or period

The ideal articles for PW are about 200 words and two or three photos.
If you intend to write feature articles, which could take up a lot of time and effort, it is best to check with the editor before starting work. There may already be articles contributed on the same subject.
PW issue are prepared some time in advance of printing, so never submit anything for ‘the next issue’ or anything seasonal, eg: Christmas articles received in November would have to wait until the following year. Topical issues may be out of date by the time they are published.

If you are writing a series it is best not to write too many parts too far ahead. Things may change or new information may come to light before the parts are published.
Large feature article or series have to be made to fit the available space. They may have to be split into smaller parts or sections. A ‘series’ in PW rarely runs in every consecutive issue.

The words don’t have to be typed, but if you write them by hand please make sure they are clear and readable with plenty of space between words and lines. We can accept text on diskette or CD if in Word format. We cannot accept photos in this format (see below).

We can only accept original prints of photographs. We cannot use scans, computer print-outs, photocopies, slides, or photos emailed as attachments. On some occasions we would be willing to accept a small number of negatives for developing prior to printing. In some cases we can provide an existing photo from stock, but this is not recommended.
Photos can be either colour or black-and-white, but must be clear, well focused, well lit and close-up. They don’t have to be technically perfect or artistic.
Please take the photos against a plain background: NO furniture, curtains, flowery wallpaper, pets or other domestic items in the background please.
The ideal size for photos is 6-inches by 4-inches (150mm by 100mm). We will enlarge or reduce them as necessary.

We can use good quality sketches or drawings. Please keep them simple and on plain unlined paper separate to any text.

NEVER write captions on the back of illustrations or photos. Often photos have to be returned as unusable because the caption has been written on the back in black felt-tip marker. This always shows thorough when printed, and sometimes stains the front of the photo next to it.
Put a small sticky label in one corner of the photo and write on an identifying number with a light pencil only. Then list all captions on a separate piece of paper.

If you would like to contribute to PW but you are unsure about how to do it, please contact the editorial office by phone, fax or Email.